Welcome to our Big Book Study site! We are pleased that you have found us and are very excited to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to you. Many of us experienced confusion about how to get started in AA. We saw the steps on the wall and heard the book Alcoholics Anonymous “The Big Book” referred to in meetings. Our experience shows us that receiving an adequate presentation of the program can be difficult. Even thought we read the book, we often misunderstood it’s message. Many of us had sponsors that didn’t understand the message either. We are all very grateful that we were blessed with a sponsor that could walk us through the book page by page and reflect on our own life experience. We were guided through the process of the twelve steps by our sponsor and now hope to pass it on to you.

The twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are in the Big Book. These steps are formulaic in nature and therefore must be taken in order to achieve the desired result. Much like dialing a phone number, if you don’t dial the correct sequence of numbers, the calls goes to the wrong place.

The objective of the twelve steps is to awaken spiritually. That awakening allowed the first one hundred alcoholics to recover from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body.

You may be asking “how can I get started?”. This site is designed to provide you with everything you need to start taking the steps. We are also available by email if you need any assistance.

Getting Started

Study Tools 

 You will need to acquire some study tools to begin. We have provided you with free online versions of everything you will need.

  1. Get a copy of the book Alcoholics Anonymous. We have provided you with a link to the Big Book on the Alcoholics Anonymous Site.
  2. Get a dictionary that was published around 1935. We have provided you with an online version of the Websters Dictionary. This is important when looking up words you read in the book. Very often the definitions of these words are different in modern dictionary’s.

Audio Book Studies

We have provided series of book studies to take you through the first three steps. These studies are recorded from previous 12 week studies that were held in various cities within the United States. These studies are conducted in a presentation format where the presenter reads the book to the participants. We have found these workshops to be very helpful to thousands of people who are seeking a solution to their alcoholism and drug addictions. This is how we provide you with and adequate presentation of the program.

Please make sure to follow these studies in the order that they are presented!

Contact Us!

During your studies you may contact us for assistance at any time!

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